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The New Adventures of SDL

Well, a ton of stuffs has happened.
Got a job
Saw Transformers
Think I'm ungrounded
Had my first furmeet
Going to Otakon in another 6 days V^_^V
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Jul. 14th, 2007

The Thrilling Adventures of S.D.L.
Lately, I've been doing pretty much nothing. Some of the nothing can be exciting, though.
For exampleCollapse )


The times of the wolf.

After recounting that, let me say that my parents are trying to get me to do more things with my current friends.
Even though I don't really have very many.Collapse )


Well all, you probably noticed that I haven’t been around at all lately. This is, of course, not something I would do by choice (without telling you), but something that I have been forced into doing. That is, I have been grounded in the very basest of terms; grounded from using the internet and thus all of you, my support, and the community(ies). While I tried to stay in touch for as long as I could in this state, one after another my methods of contacting anyone were cut off. But if you’re all seeing this, it means that I’m back. Which is good. Actually, it seems I’m only going to be able to come back for a few hours. Fuck. Well at least it’s enough to tell the world my story. After that, I’ll let you all know when I’m back.
Now let’s look into why this all happened . . .
“whyCollapse )


Out of a closet.

The confrontation comes to a point. My mom asks me to dispell what she sees quite well as a net of lies. I explain myself as a furry. Wh00t! so that's good. Now maybe I can meet some furries. :P

I don't know how my dad will react though. And I still have other closets to come out of. Unfortunately, the age of the boyfriend is a problem to my mother, so as long as they're together, I won't be able to see her, or the pack . . . My soul weeps, but is joyed at a baby step forwards . . .


The Meeting

I had high hopes for this Saturday. I was going to go meet some very good friends that live in Silver Springs (about an hour away). But, due to my parent's extreme paranoia, I am now unable to go.
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The red-colored A

Yes, the Scarlet Letter, possibly the most poetic, if not the most long feeling book ever written. I had a test on it today. So, only being 72 pages in, I set to work at the begining of the day of the test, and, in the 1 hour and 45 minutes I had to work with, finished 90 some pages of the book. By then, I could guess at the ending. So that worked out well. I'm proud of me. *gives self a wuffbiscut* YAY!!!!!!!!!!


On flash drives.

I lost my flash drive a while back. I looked for it in vain. Thankfully, the deal was still on at OFFICE DEPOT (yay shameless advertising!) and I managed to get a new one for 21 dollars for 2 gigs. (for the non-tech literate . . . first of all, how did you get a lj. . . and two, 2 gigs is a lot, especially for 21 dollars.)


Update on my gender attractions



As most of you know, I am an Avid tf fan.
that is, I'm attracted to it.Collapse )



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